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DAM7 is a complete myspace resource with Myspace Layouts, Myspace Images, and more!

July 15 - I just added tons of puppy pictures. There are lots Puppy Images to choose from for your myspace profile.
myspace puppy images

June 21 - Cute Cats for your Myspace layouts... lots of Cats Images were just added.
myspace cat images

June 09 - How about some Beach Images to give your myspace layout that touch of summer?
beach images for your myspace profile


June 03 - Just added a few Sunset Images for your Myspace.
myspace sunset images

April 11 - We've got some brand new Myspace Glitter Graphics for your Myspace Profile.
myspace glitter graphics

April 02 - With Easter coming soon, get your Easter Glitter Graphics for your spring Myspace Profile.

easter glitter graphics for your myspace

March 07 - St. Patrick's Day is just a few days away. Make sure you get your St Patricks Day Images for your pimped out Myspace Profile.

February 19 - Sorry for the lack of updates! I am starting revision #3 on the layouts so quality on the first few are dramatically improved. I am working on as many as I can each day so stay patient. Also, Mardi Gras is tomorrow and I've got some handy dandy glitters up as usual. Check out the Mardi Gras Images here.

January 15 - I added 10 unique valentines day images/glitters.

January 7 - Dam7 has new Myspace Glitter Images! The categories on all pages of the site are now sorted alphabetically for easier browsing.

December 30 - I hope you all had an excellent holiday! I just updated the Myspace Backgrounds section with over 200 of them, complete with code. Get rid of your default look and make your profile spiffy!

December 14 - I added more Myspace Holiday Images. Also, the site is undergoing a slight holiday makeover.

November 25 - I am adding new Holiday Images in preparation for the upcoming month.

November 17 -

myspace comment images

November 14 - Lots of people requested skinny myspace layouts so I delivered.

November 7 - The beach myspace layouts have been pretty popular so I added new ones today!

November 4 - New layout update! beach and emo. I also added new ones to existing categories so visit them all!

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